UGH! The UrbanGlass Hotline

The UrbanGlass Hotline (UGH!) gives students the opportunity to submit questions to our expert instructors about the glass processes they use to create dynamic works in glass. Each session, hosted on Zoom, begins with a short introduction to the teaching artist, followed by an interactive discussion about techniques, concepts, and problem solving. 

Design Building Blocks Series

We are taking it back to the drawing board to bring you the Design Building Blocks series! These workshops offer a range of techniques and skills students will use to gather inspiration, plan, and prepare for their time in the studio. 

Any glass artwork starts with inspiration, then a sketch, model, or even just measurements. We invite you to delve into sketching basics or jump ahead into the world of 3D modeling. Learn to articulate and visualize your ideas in helpful ways for your making process. These workshops center around the work that happens before you get into the glass studio to make sure your time making is productive and turns out how you imagined it!

Business of Glass Series

Makers invested in creative processes are not always trained in the business side of fabricating, pricing, marketing, or selling their work and products. Perhaps you’ve made a beautiful line of tableware, jewelry, or sculpture but you aren't sure how to take the work out of the studio and get it into the world. These workshops will address common stumbling blocks on the road to running your own business, selling your work, or even working with fabricators to bring your vision to life.

Science and Technology of Glass

Innovations in glass are some of the most important contributors to science, technology, and industry throughout history. Simultaneously, glass is a mysterious amorphous solid with unusual and intriguing properties. These workshops explore the vast realms of science and technology as related to the material of glass, and will inspire the mad scientist in all of us! 


While our in-person workshops are delayed, we are offering a variety of free online programming including lectures, professional development from our staff, and tutorials. Each episode of UrbanGlass@Home features a staff member sharing an applicable skill with you as we work remotely.


Lectures by UrbanGlass instructors 

In Person - Hybrid Classes

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Classes at UrbanGlass offer students of all ages the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of glass. While our in-person workshops are delayed, we are offering a variety of online programming including lectures, professional development from our staff, and tutorials.

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