Private Lessons

Private lessons offer a student-directed exploration of the techniques offered across our studios. Private lessons pair one student with an experienced teaching artist for an in-depth, guided exploration of a technique of interest. For groups of 3 or more, submit a request for a  Group Event, or register for a class together! The costs of private lessons, for one person, are outlined below along with what you can expect while exploring each studio area. 

We ask for 6 weeks advance notice to plan a private lesson, in order to ensure that there is mutual availability between the studio, teaching artist, and you. 

Scroll down to complete a request form to schedule a private lesson. 

LessonLength of one lessonCost for a one lessonDiscounted cost for three lessonsBasic materials included for use during lesson
1 hour
Meet with an experienced teaching artist to see what technique suits you, or to talk through a project before moving forward with a private lesson
3 hours$520
Variety of available glass frits/color bar, propane and/or mapp gas, standard pipes & punties
Beadmaking3 hours$450$1,300Variety of soft glass color rods, mandrels, bead release

Borosilicate flameworking

3 hours$515
Variety of available clear glass tubing and rods
Neon 4 hours$700$2,05010mm clear glass tubing, blow hose, wiring kit, transformer (power source), 1-2 neon units pumped with gas of choice
Kilnformed Glass (fusing/imagery/etc.)3 hours$605$1,765includes a 1-hour consultation. 1/2 sheet clear bullseye tekta, variety of colorful bullseye scrap sheet, powder, and stringer based on current stock
Kilncasting (waxworking/mold making)4 hours$815$2,395includes a 1-hour consultation. Up to 5lbs clear Bullseye cullet, available variety of bullseye frit/powder to supplement
Stained Glass4 hours$615$1,795Use of available non-fusible sheet glass, project size limited to 12" x 12" for UG glass use, solder, flux cupper foil tape, patinas
Coldworking3 hours$430
$1,240Includes access to all of the tools and necessary materials in the cold shop 

Prices updated as of 2/20/2024. These prices reflect the cost of a private lesson with one student and one teacher. We will charge an additional $50 for a glassblowing lesson with one teacher and two students. If you would like to schedule a private lesson with two students in any other technique, please reach out to us to inquire about the price.

What to Expect 

Private lessons are customizable and student directed. Our teaching artists will work with you one-on-one; whether this will be your first time working with glass, or you need guidance on a specific project. Use the Learning Goals section of the request form to let us know your learning goals!

For any process where the glass is heated, the objects will need to cool down overnight and will not be available to take home the same day. We will notify you when the work can be picked up. The price of private lessons includes standard materials, which are described below. If you would like to work with different materials, we recommend starting with a consultation to first speak with the teaching artist about your ideas. You can find a list of suppliers where you can purchase materials from on our Resources page.

Check out our Glossary of Terms to learn more about each technique; and read below to see what you can expect from each type of event: 

Consultation (1 hour): Within a 1 hour consultation you will speak with an experienced teaching artist about an idea or technique that you are interested in learning and they can advise you on the best course to pursue. Consultations can be held either in person at UrbanGlass, or virtually over zoom. 

Glassblowing (3 hours): You’ll be working directly with a teaching artist to learn fundamental skills of working in the hot shop. You will learn how to gather and manipulate glass while learning how to properly use tools. For introductory lessons, students can expect to learn how to make a paperweight, ornament, or a small cup. The furnace is loaded with clear glass, and we offer color frit available from our Education department. 

Beadmaking or Flameworking (3 hours): For both beadmaking and flameworking, you are seated and melting rods of glass in front of a bench-mounted torch. Both techniques require a little practice at heat control to create successful beads or sculptures. After demonstrations, expect to make between 2 - 6 successful objects, and a couple of fun failures. 

Borosilicate Flameworking (3 hours): You will be seated in front of a bench-mounted torch, learning how to cut rods of borosilicate glass, and use heat and gravity to bend, shape, and connect glass.

Neon (4 hours): You will learn how to bend glass tubes and safely work with the crossfire torch and ribbon burner. You will receive a blow hose to inflate the glass when needed, and will work with 10mm clear glass tubes to create your design. If this is your first time working with neon, you will learn how to make simple shapes like squiggles or triangles (complex designs like words will not be possible). Bombarding will be included, so you should leave with finished units of neon. If you have a specific idea in mind, send us a drawing of your idea so that the teaching artist can strategize the best way to plan a lesson! 1-2 pumped units are included in the lesson price, you will have the choice between several colors.

Kilnformed Glass - Fusing/Imagery (3 hours): You will have access to a 1/2 sheet clear bullseye tekta, and a variety of colorful bullseye scrap sheet, powder, stringer, and/or enamel to create a design in glass to be fused in the kiln. One kiln firing is included per private lesson. This process includes a 1-hour consultation to discuss specific projects.

Kilncasting - Waxworking/Mold Making (4 hours): You will learn how to make a mold, and cast an object in glass. You will be working in the mold shop, learning how to mix a plaster and silica to make either one or two part molds. You will be provided with bullseye clear cullet for casting and will have access to colored frit. Projects should be under 8” in any direction. One kiln firing is included per private lesson. This process includes a 1-hour consultation to discuss specific projects.

Stained Glass (4 hours): If you are new to stained glass, we will teach you the fundamentals of creating a design, cutting glass, and soldering pieces together to create your own piece of stained glass! If you have a specific design you would like to make, send a drawing or example so our teaching artists can strategize for your lesson!

Coldworking (3 hours): You will work one-on-one with a teaching artist learning how to use the tools and machinery in the cold shop to shape, join, or decorate the surface of glass at room temperature. Coldworking lessons include safety demonstrations of all of the equipment being used, and earplugs to work comfortably in what is often a loud environment. 

Advanced Lessons: Private lessons in more advanced techniques are also available in each studio area. Please fill out the request form, and let us know what you’d like to focus on or learn. 

Private & Group Lesson Requests