• Artist Jarrod Beck in the glassblowing studio

  • Lili Maya and James Rouvelle, Caesura. Part of the exhibition Pushing Buttons.

  • Josh Raiffe, Bruce

  • Artist Sana Musasama in the flameworking studio

  • Alison Siegel and Pamela Sabroso's installation Pom Pom Party

  • Romina Gonzales, Shock

Established in New York City in 1977, UrbanGlass fosters experimentation and advances the use and critical understanding of glass as a creative medium.

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Classes at UrbanGlass offer students of all ages the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of glass. Educational programming includes everything from classes for teens to master classes for professional artists. Weekly classes, week-long intensives, and two-day workshops make learning at UrbanGlass available to students of all levels and interests.


Weekend | 2 Sessions: August 18 — August 19
Saturday, 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

The focus of this class will be on creativity and experimentation in hot casting with an emphasis on process. Beginning with the basic techniques, our methods of hot casting will quickly evolve into the non-traditional and experimental.

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Creating Pattern: From Sheet Glass to Murrini

Intensive | 5 Sessions: August 20 — August 24
Monday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

In this class, students will learn about creating patterns using Bullseye coloured sheet glass, a method Giles Bettison has adapted for the murrini process he uses to make his work. Demonstrations will include each step of Bettison’s process.

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Intensive | 5 Sessions: August 20 — August 24
Monday, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

For every product we make there is always waste. As glassmakers, many times we save scraps and seconds to find creative ways of using this left over material: That is the design challenge of this class. “Shift” looks to explore the hidden potential of the residue glass of other products and projects we pursue.

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Upcoming in the Agnes Varis Art Center

Shari Mendelson: Glasslike

Curated by Elizabeth Essner

Shari Mendelson

Curated by Elizabeth Essner

New York-based artist Shari Mendelson interprets ancient glass using the most modern of materials: throwaway plastic bottles.  The artist’s vessel and animal forms are glasslike inventions, but they hew close to their early antecedents—a result of Mendelson’s deep fascination and careful study of the field.  Glasslike, a solo exhibition, will explore the artist’s current body of work in context with its key source, ancient glass.

Opening Reception: September 12, 6-8pm

Join curator Elizabeth Essner and artist Shari Mendleson for a guided tour of the exhibition on September 22nd at 3pm.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Deer Askos
Repurposed plastic, hot glue, resin, acrylic polymer, paint, mica
8"x 3"x 7" 

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