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Exhibitions & Programming

Currently On View in the Agnes Varis Art Center

  • March 11th – January 8th, 2021

Outer Special, a series of installations made by artists Lucia Riffel and Lily Reeves, imagines this space as an alternate reality; one that fluctuates between digital utopia and a dismal, dystopian, post-human landscape.

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  • November 13th – January 15th, 2021

UrbanGlass presents UrbanSparkle, an annual exhibition of artists exploring the material of glass as adornment. What sparkles better than fresh designs that change how both glass and jewelry can be used and perceived? Five artists have been selected for their nuanced and distinctive approaches to wearable glass. Lenise Omeasoo, SaraBeth Post, Gillian Preston, Melissa Schmidt, and Roxann Slate have created objects of adornment that emanate their bold explorations in the material. 

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  • January 20th – March 5th, 2021

The exhibition Stirring Glows features recently made neon works by artists who frequently incorporate this medium in their respective multimedia practices. While addressing the rich history of street neon lights, as well as the historical neon art production, the works displayed speak about and call the attention to urgent topics of our times. Includes artwork by artists: Lucy Gillis, Kate Harding, Graciela Cassel, James Akers, Jan Tichy and Hannah Kirkpatrick, and more.

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  • June 2nd – September 3rd, 2021

Nate Ricciuto is a multidisciplinary artist whose work envisions design, architecture, and craft as existing in the odd space between technology and fantasy. Through a combination of glass and numerous others materials, he creates immersive installations and ambiances of playful and surreal quality. 

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  • September 15th – January 7th, 2022

Carly Mandel presents a body of work that reclaims traumas induced by privatized healthcare and the consumer wellness industry.

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