As of January 1st, 2024, UrbanGlass will introduce two distinct avenues of support for workshop students: Scholarships and Financial Assistance, each with its own unique application process. 

Scholarships offered
General Scholarships - IGNITE, LEAP
Partnership Scholarships
Youth Partnership Scholarships
Studio Futures
Chelicca Scholarship for Bead Project Alumni
Financial Assistance


As of January 1st, 2024 , scholarships can no longer be applied for on a rolling basis. Instead, interested students are required to adhere to our quarterly deadlines for scholarship submissions. After applications are submitted, they will be reviewed by a committee and awarded shortly after the deadline. These scholarships not only provide help financially but also foster innovation and artistic growth. UrbanGlass offers two different types of scholarship opportunities; LEAP and IGNITE, which are detailed below. UrbanGlass will award one of each scholarship to the selected students once per each scholarship deadline. Both the LEAP and IGNITE scholarships provide a 100% funded class. 

Please note scholarships offer free tuition for the cost of the awarded class, and do not include any additional expenses such as travel, room, board, or materials. 

Scholarship Deadlines for 2024: 
March 5, 2024 for Spring workshops (classes will be posted February 6) 
May 25, 2024 for Summer workshops (classes will be posted April 26)
August 1, 2024 for Fall workshops (classes will be posted July 1)
November 5, 2024 for Winter 2025 workshops (classes will be posted October 10)

Students can apply for one of the following scholarships each season that can be allocated to one workshop.  

The LEAP Scholarship, which stands for Learning, Experimentation, Advancement and Progress in glass, signifies the commitment to learning, the spirit of experimentation, and the goal of advancing skills and creativity in the world of glass. It is designed to support and empower innovative minds eager to push the boundaries of traditional glass artistry. With LEAP we celebrate the art of thinking beyond the ordinary, embracing unconventional approaches, and redefining the possibilities of glass as a creative medium. This scholarship is not only about financial assistance but also about fostering a community of forward-thinkers and visionaries in the world of glass art. This scholarship requires that the applicant have experience working in glass, and are interested in expanding their practice.

The IGNITE Scholarship, is a commitment to fueling the creative sparks within emerging glass artists. Glass experience is not required for this scholarship; this opportunity is ideal for applicants with little to no experience with glass; who are looking to broaden their practice through this exciting medium. This scholarship program invests in talent, fosters artistic growth and excellence through educational support. It's a gateway for artists looking to develop their creative potential and explore the world of glass art.

*Scholarship winners will be notified one week after the deadline.   Awards must be accepted by recipients by email response within one week of notification, or award may be offered to another applicant.

*Scholarship winners will be notified one week after the deadline.  Awards must be accepted by recipients by email response within one week of notification, or award may be offered to another applicant.


UrbanGlass  partners with over 160 universities and arts organizations around the world to offer free and low cost learning opportunities for students, staff, faculty and recent alumni. Please inquire with your university or home studio to see if they have a partnership set up. To set up a partnership for your school or studio please email Director of Education, Kate Dowd at


Modeled on our extremely successful University partnership scholarship program, UrbanGlass is reaching out to local schools and youth arts organizations to set up collaborative scholarships for our summer camps and other youth programs.  The details of these scholarships vary from school to school but all recipients are chosen by our partner organizations so please inquire with your school or arts organization if they have a partnership with UrbanGlass. Any Parent's groups, school officials or teachers interested in setting up such a relationship for your school please contact Director of Education, Kate Dowd at 


Studio Futures: The UrbanGlass Scholarship Fund aims to foster diverse voices in the field of glass art. The fund supports full scholarships for BIPOC identifying students ages 15-24 who want to learn glassmaking processes and build skills to use in their art practice moving forward. The 2023-2024 application period has passed. Please check in Spring 2024 for 2024-2025. 


Financial Assistance is available on a rolling basis. At UrbanGlass, we are dedicated to nurturing a vibrant, inclusive artistic community that promotes growth, innovation, and hands-on learning.

If a student demonstrates financial need, they have two options for assistance that can be applied for on a rolling basis:

  • Financial Assistance Application: If you require financial assistance, you can apply by filling out the Financial Assistance Application form.
  • Payment Plan: Alternatively, students may choose to opt for a payment plan to manage their tuition costs.

Financial Assistance aims to reduce financial barriers for students seeking glass art education; however, it's important to note that the granting of financial assistance is not guaranteed. This policy provides a structured framework to facilitate access to glass art classes while promoting equity and inclusivity. It offers partial financial coverage to students at all proficiency levels, fostering artistic growth, innovation, and community engagement. We are committed to enabling hands-on learning and collaboration in a dynamic, inclusive art community. While we are dedicated to making glass art education more accessible, the availability of financial assistance is subject to the evaluation and discretion of UrbanGlass.


The Chelicca Scholarship, funded by UrbanGlass, aims to provide support and opportunities for Bead Project alumni to continue their creative studies at UrbanGlass. Ten individuals will be awarded a credit of $1,000 each to be used toward one class and IF there is balance it can be used towards studio time at UrbanGlass. The scholarship must be utilized within the year it is awarded.  For 2025 the scholarship will not be awarded on a rolling basis, but have a set deadline after which applications will be reviewed and those awarded will be notified shortly after the review process. For the remainder of 2024 please contact the registrar, Ari at

Application posted November 4, 2024
Due Date for Scholarship: December 2, 2024
Awards Announced via email December 6, 2024

*Scholarship winners will be notified one week after the deadline.  Awards must be accepted by recipients by email response within one week of notification, or award may be offered to another applicant.