UrbanGlass' studios and offices are closed Monday, February 18, 2019.
 The Agnes Varis Art Center and UrbanGlass|ware are open regular hours.

Studio Rates

These rates reflect our pricing beginning March 1, 2017.

Studio time and other fees must be paid on the day of your rental. We accept cash, check, credit or debit card, however all studio artists must have a credit card on file. There is a $50.00 fee for returned checks. Upon a second returned check, terms will be cash only, credit or debit card. Please keep your receipt as you may be asked to show proof of payment.

Cancellations made more than 48 hours prior to booked time will be charged an administrative fee of $25.00. Any cancellations made within 48 hours of the rental time will be billed full rental rate. All casting and large projects must be booked and initialed by the Director of Operations or Studio Manager.

Glory Hole Rental Rates

Glass blowing must be booked in a MINIMUM of three-hour increments, with additional one hour slot increments, unless you are booking before or after another person's blowing slot.
There are no scheduled lunch breaks. If you book 7 straight hours or more on the same glory hole, you will be given a lunch credit equalling 6% of the rental cost.

Name Size Rate Per Hour
GH1 18" $46
GH2 18" $46
GH3 24" $56
GH4 30" $66
GH5 15" $36
GH6 9" $26


Annealer Rental Rates

Hotshop annealers are booked in day blocks only. Annealers run from 9am - 9am. Work will be removed from blowing (overnight cycle) annealers by the beginning of the work day and placed on the general shelves in the hot shop area.

Name Size (Inches) Rate Per 24 Hours
A1 22x30x23 Reserved for Education
A2 22x30x23 Reserved for Education
A3 22x30x23 Reserved for Education
A4 22x30x23 Reserved for Education
A5 29x108x60 $111.00
A6 30x52x28 $79.00
A7 30x52x28 $79.00
A8 21x35x36 $37.00
A9 30x52x28 $79.00
A10 25x53x24 $58.00
A11 30x52x28 $79.00
A12 25x53x24 $58.00
A13 26x35x28 $47.00
A14 26x35x28 $47.00
A15 21x35x36 $37.00
A16 26x35x28 $47.00
A17 26x35x28 $47.00
Trifeca Crucible Kiln $111.00


Hot Casting Rates 

Casting prices are based on the specific project and/or glass usage. All casting projects must be scheduled through the Studio Manager.

Tank Time Glass Rate
Half Tank 4 Hour Slot Approx. 500 lbs $1,200.00
Full Tank 8 Hour Slot Approx. 900 lbs $1,980.00


Miscelaneous Tool Rental

Item Rate
2 Pipes & 2 Punties $12.00 / day
Glassblowing Bench Tools $12.00 / day
Aluminized Jacket & Hood $21.00 / day
Glass usage over 10lbs per hour will incur charge $10.00 / lb


Kiln Room & Bead Kiln Rental Rates

Name Size Rate Per 24 hour (12pm-12pm)
FSK1 Fusion 14 14x14x6 $13.00
FSK2 Bluebird 9x20x4 $13.00
FSK3 Firefly 8x8x4 $13.00
FSK4 B-Line 9x20x4 $13.00
FSK5 Bluebird XL   $13.00
Wilt Kiln   $33.00
1 - GL24 15x24x22 $46.00
2 - GL24 15x24x22 $46.00
3 - Pearl 22 13x22x22 $46.00
4 - Pearl 22 13x22x22 $46.00
5 - GL44 16x43x21 $79.00
6 - Pearl 44 12x44x22 $79.00
7 - Pearl 64 14x64x30 $111.00
8 - Pearl 18 5x18x18 $37.00
9 - CS19D 6x19x19 $37.00
10 - CS19D 6x19x19 $37.00
11 - Pearl 18 5x18x18 $37.00



Rental Rates For Cold Shop, Flameworking/Neon Shop, Mold Shop, and Flat Shop

Renters must supply their own tools, materials and equipment. 

Daily $32.00
Monthly $460.00
Yearly $2,750.00


Locker Rental Rates Per Year

The items stored on locker tops must be orderly and not exceed 30” in height. Items must be within the confines of the edges of the locker. All work must be removed for Studio Clean Up and/or UrbanGlass events. To be able to rent a locker you must have at least $1000 of UG invoices from the previous year.

Small (Pipe) $112.00
Medium $135.00
Medium With Shelves $235.00
Large $260.00


Experimental Rates

Experimental time varries each semester.  Experimental hours are currently Fridays from 2-9pm and Saturdays from 6-9pm..  Experimental Rates encourage innovation in our studios, applying to the educational glory holes that remain lit between classes.  Annealer rental rates are as posted above. This time is used only for experimental and new prototypes by application. This time is not available for commission work. For more information please contact Director of Operations, Brian Kibler, brian@urbanglass.org.

9" Glory Hole $20.00 per hour
12" Glory Hole $20.00 per hour