Special Classes

Focused on exploring the fullness of UrbanGlass’s creative environment, these classes range widely in subject matter and are designed to add richness to both your studio practice and everyday life.


Learn the tools and techniques that have been used to blow and sculpt glass for over two thousand years. Introductory classes start with the basics of safety, teamwork, and form, while advanced classes focus on specific techniques, best practices and innovations in the field.

Coldworking Studio

The tools of the cold shop are used to carve, shape, polish, decorate and finish cold glass. Similar to a wood or metal shop, the cold shop contains saws, flat grinders, belt sanders, lathes, and a sandblaster specific for working with glass. Start with a focus on safety, and expand into exploring the many dynamic ways coldworking enhances and compliments glass work.

Flameworking and Beadmaking

Flameworking (or lampworking) encompasses many different types of glasswork created with a torch. Artists use glass rods or tubes softened by the heat of the torch to create detailed sculptures, hollow forms, beads, and more. Learn the basics of beadmaking all the way through the subtleties of detailed glass sculpture.

  • Boro Basics with Ben Barocas
    6 Sessions: November 9 — December 21
    Thursday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Neon signs light up the city in all different shapes, words, and colors. From beginner to advanced classes, learn to bend glass tubes to be pumped with noble gasses and lit as sculptures or signage.

Stained Glass & Creating Imagery on Glass

For thousands of years, artists have created decorative stained glass panels that cast colorful shadows and depict histories through image. Learn the basics of designing, cutting and piecing together unique stained glass creations. Explore glass painting and imagery processes to tell layered stories on glass.

Kilnforming and Casting

Kilnforming refers to the spectrum of techniques that use the heat of the kiln to transform and shape glass. Fusing and slumping explore cutting flat glass to create shapes and patterns, the use of colorful crushed or powdered glass, and how these elements are transformed once inside the kiln. Kiln casting techniques include moldmaking, working with wax, and firing 3D forms in the kiln.

Free Programs

Join a variety of free programming including lectures, professional development from our staff, and community still-life drawing sessions.

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Free Lectures & Demos

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There are no classes for this category and semester listed at this time. New classes are usually listed 2 months before the start of the semester.

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Classes at UrbanGlass offer students of all ages the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of glass. Educational programming includes everything from introductory classes for all ages to master classes for professional artists, as both in-person and virtual offerings. 

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