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Monday December 19, 2011 | by Ruth Reader

Glass installation by emerging artist Andrew Erdos gets notice at Art Miami

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Andrew Erdos pictured with his glass and video art installation Texture of a Ghost (2011) at Art Miami. courtesy: claire oliver gallery, new york Art from glass is increasingly present at Art Miami (December 1st-4th) with Schantz Galleries, Heller Gallery, and Barry Friedman among those 2011 exhibitors spotlighting silica sculpture. But it was New York-based Claire Oliver Gallery that may have generated the most attention for the material with her art and video installation of the work of up-and-coming glassblower Andrew Erdos, who brandishes a 2007 BFA in glass from Alfred. According to Whitehot and Huffington Post contributor, Noah Becker, Erdos’s video projections of Arizona sunrises onto suspended mirrorized blown-glass objects (as well as the paintings of fellow artist Andy Denzler) helped elevate Claire Oliver’s display as “the best booth in Art Miami.” Claire Oliver, principal of her eponymous gallery, told the GLASS Quarterly Hot Sheet that Erdos has completely sold out and several museums, in Oklahoma City and Toledo, for example, are seeking commissions for 2012 shows, though she declined to identify the institutions saying it was too early. Also according to Oliver, Erdos’s large-scale installation at Art Maimi, The Texture of a Ghost, has been sold to a major museum, again not yet able to be identified by Oliver. The gallerist is not surprised by Erdos and his quick rise, “Glass collectors and people who are interested in the medium of glass are looking for the next generation and they haven’t seen it,” she says.

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