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Carissa Grace, Comforter, 2019. Argon, phosphor coated glass. courtesy: Carissa Grace.

Saturday June 15, 2019 | by Gabriela Iacovano

EXHIBITION: Recent Alfred University grads in group neon exhibition in New York City

Today, June 15, 2019, neon works from eight recent graduates from Alfred University’s School of Art and Design in Alfred, New York, will be shown in an exhibition on New York City’s Governors Island. Curated by assistant professor of glass Sarah Blood, the exhibition, titled “Language of Light,” includes the work of BFA graduates Carissa Grace, Astrid Hunter, Bryanna King, Caroline LaCava, Natalie Schults, Olivia Piazza, Adam Taylor and Gil Travers, whose undergraduate study with Blood focused on light.

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Lorraine Peltz, Landslide, 2019. Oil and acrylic on canvas. H 48, W 36 in. courtesy: the artist

Thursday June 13, 2019 | by Gabriela Iacovano

An artist and critic's life partnership explored in a Chicago exhibition

On view through August 25, 2019, at the Ed Paschke Art Center (EPAC) in Chicago, the exhibition “Lorraine Peltz: This Must Be the Place” investigates the multi-layered relationship between painter Lorraine Peltz and her late art-history professor husband (and prolific Glass magazine contributing editor). James Yood, who died suddenly in 2018, was a longstanding champion of Chicago artists working in many different media, and a prominent figure in the glass-art community, penning essays for numerous books in addition to his writings for this publication. He was also a charismatic professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he taught for many years.

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An image of Judith Schaechter with a taxidermy armadillo that was presented along with the presidents award in San Antonio, Texas, on June 4th. courtesy: judson studios / kyle j mickelson

Wednesday June 12, 2019 | by Gabriela Iacovano

Judith Schaechter, who bridges contemporary and traditional approaches to stained glass, is honored by stained-glass associations

Artist Judith Schaechter has single-handedly pioneered traditional stained glass as a medium for contemporary exploration, staunchly advocating for the celebration of decorative and craft arts in academia and beyond. At a stained-glass artist conference in Texas on June 4, 2019, Schaechter was presented with the first-ever joint president’s award (and a taxidermy armadillo) from the American Glass Guild (AGG) and Stained Glass Association of America (SGAA). In addition to recognizing Schaechter’s contributions to the worlds of stained glass and glass art at large, the award commemorated the consolidation of the two groups for their first joint summer conference, which took place in San Antonio, Texas.

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GLASS: The UrbanGlass Quarterly, a glossy art magazine published four times a year by UrbanGlass has provided a critical context to the most important artwork being done in the medium of glass for 35 years.