Tours and Demonstrations at UrbanGlass

Captivating to observe, the material of glass offers unlimited opportunities for learning and engagement. While social distancing guidelines remain in place, we are excited to work with you to create a unique virtual experience in our studios tailored to the interests of your group, team or party. Our skilled team of educators will structure a visit depending upon your group’s age(s), interests, and size.

Virtual Studio Tour: Live discussion with pre-recorded footage
approx. 20 minutes, FREE
Join us for a guided exploration of UrbanGlass’ 17,000 square foot professional glass studios. This virtual tour will discuss the equipment, studio spaces and creative glassmaking possibilities provided at UrbanGlass with live narration over pre-recorded footage of our space and artists at work. For more information or to reserve your virtual visit, please fill out the form below.

Virtual Gallery Tour: Live-streamed
approx. 20 minutes, FREE
Explore the current exhibition in UrbanGlass’ Robert Lehman Gallery. This virtual tour will discuss the artworks installed in the space, the theme of the exhibition, and delve into glass processes used in the making of the work through a live-stream from the gallery supplemented by process images and footage from the studio. For more information or to reserve your virtual visit, please fill out the form below.

Virtual Glassmaking Demonstration: Live narration with pre-recorded footage
45-60 minutes, $200 flat fee
Discover the techniques that artists have used for thousands of years to create with glass through a live session with an expert UrbanGlass teaching artist. Demonstrations include an in-depth narration of a glassmaking process that has been pre-recorded in UrbanGlass’ 17,000 square foot professional glass studios, followed by live Q&A with the artist. Available techniques include:

  • Neon bending: Explore the processes used to create illuminated neon sculptures. Follow along as artists heat and bend glass tubes to create words and shapes. Once cooled, learn how these sculptures are filled with elemental gasses and electrified. 
  • Sandcasting: Observe as molten (2300° degree!) glass is poured onto sand to create sculptural shapes and designs. 
  • Flameworking: Watch as artists use the heat of a torch to heat and melt colorful glass rods and hollow tubes to create wearable beads and small-scale sculptures.
  • Fusing: Starting with colorful sheets of glass, discover how artists cut and layer glass, and use the heat of the kiln, to create functional and sculptural objects. 

For more information or to reserve your virtual visit, please fill out the form below.

Virtual Glassblowing Demonstration: Live-streamed
45-60 minutes, $350  flat fee
Live-streamed demonstrations offer a special view into the exciting process of manipulating molten glass into functional or sculptural objects through glassblowing. Follow two artists as they narrate the construction of a blown glass piece from start to finish in real-time from the UrbanGlass studios. Demonstrations are customizable to suit the specific interests of your group or curriculum. For more information or to reserve your virtual visit, please fill out the form below.

All virtual sessions are hosted live via Zoom.

If the cost of these offerings is prohibitive to your organization, please reach out to for further discussion. 

UrbanGlass is a NYC Department of Education (DOE) Authorized Vendor. *NYC schools can apply to receive DOE funding for a virtual visit through the Financial Accounting Management Information System (FAMIS) Portal.


*Due to COVID-19 related budget cuts, funding availability is unknown at this time.

Group Tours & Demonstrations

Thank you for your interest in private tours and demos at UrbanGlass!