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Keep Susan Spiranovich Adam Holtzinger

Press coverage from June 1, 2021 for ICFF - Link

KEEP: Fire & Ice

Adam Holtzinger and Susan Spiranovich are the husband-and-wife team behind Brooklyn-based glassblowing studio KEEP. Both graduates of Cleveland Institute of Art, Holtzinger discovered the art of glass after visiting the school’s glassblowing studio, where he immediately fell in love with the craft. Years later, Spiranovich is also obsessed with the ancient craft, and together they have a team that operates out of UrbanGlass in Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

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Press coverage from May 28, 2021 by Gabriel Olawale for Vanguard - Link

Nigerian artist Layo Bright highlights the Culture of Headdress

Whether a party, wedding or church event in Nigeria, one striking accessory stands out on the women in attendance—their ‘gele’. Gele as headdress is an art form in itself, widely worn in Nigeria for social occasions and events. It has become a statement piece—a main focus of fashion attire—that exudes cultural pride and history.

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