Published on November 18, 2020 for Dwell - Link

Made in America 2020: The Most Innovative Products and Makers Across the Country

Jason and Romina - Photo by Pippa Drummond

Our annual look at the latest U.S.-made objects for your home features everything from dinner plates to windows—and the people who make them.

American designers and artists have shown remarkable resiliency in the face of this year’s challenges. We celebrate some of our favorite brands—and the people behind them—with our annual "Made in America" series. Check out the interviews below, and don’t miss our roundup of products spanning dinnerware, furniture, office accessories, window treatments, and more.

Jason Bauer of Fort Makers
Location: New York, New York | @fortmakers

"We’ve been making our glasswork at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn since it opened its new studios in 2013," says Bauer. "Right now, we’re making a Sunrise Sunset cup. It’s a 12-ounce drinking glass that features a fade from an intense color density to near transparency. Well, it’s actually a reverse fade, so you have to make the gradient first and then make a separate cup that you stuff the colored glass into—you can’t really replicate that with a machine. Then we add a solid orb on the side that creates a subtle indentation in the cup and also acts as a grip, or holder."

"We designed them to be kind of Surrealist cups. So the orb on the side has this nice optic quality that creates a kind of lens. They were meant to evoke a point where the water and sky meet and there is not much visual distinction between them. That’s why we called them Sunrise Sunset—because they could be both or either, simultaneously or independently."

The Table’s All Set
Your dinner parties may be limited these days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up with design-forward tableware.