Published on December 10, 2020 by Brian Lehrer for The Brian Lehrer Show - Link

It's Back: #ShopListener 2020 Edition

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We continue our annual holiday gift guide as listeners call in to shout out their businesses, or another listener's business. We do it every year, but this year, that support is more important than ever. That's why we're taking all of your Shop Listener shoutouts and putting them in one place, on a map, an in a searchable list. Get your holiday shopping done, and keep your holiday dollars in the WNYC family.

Transcript of UrbanGlass feature with our Registrar Kellie Krouse: 


Brian: Thank you very much. Kellie in Brooklyn, you're on WNYC. Hi, Kellie.

Kellie: Hi, Brian. Thanks for taking my call. I'm calling on behalf of UrbanGlass. We are an art non-profit in downtown Brooklyn. We have a studio for artists to use. Before corona time we had a robust education program that's gone fully virtual now and we also have a storefront featuring glass artists from across the country and internationally as well.

Brian: What's your dog's name?

Kellie: Sorry, her name is Petunia. She hates when I'm on the phone. [chuckles]

Brian: Hi, Petunia. Good dog, Petunia, good dog. But let Kellie talk.

Kellie: You can find us at or on Instagram @urbanglass_nyc.

Brian: Kellie, thank you very much. Bye, Petunia...

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