Group Events

Group Events

Group events provide a unique way to celebrate a special milestone with family and friends, or an unparalleled team-building experience. Choose from hands-on lessons in glassblowing, flameworking, neon, fusing, and beadmaking - each technique offers the opportunity to make a unique glass object, hand-crafted by you! 

Group events are typically for 3-10 people, depending on technique. We are happy to accommodate bigger groups by splitting attendees up between a combination of activities. Prices vary by technique and number of people. The cost of group events helps support our education programs, and advances our mission to make UrbanGlass an accessible facility. However, let us know if you have a specific budget, and we will work with you to plan an unforgettable event!

In order to ensure that there is mutual availability between the studio, teachers, and your group, we ask for 6 weeks advance notice to plan an event. 

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What to Expect

Group events happen in a fun and lively environment. Our focus is that everyone has an incredible time, and makes a successful object(s) to cherish and hold the memories of this fun experience! Since glass processes are typically complex and require quite a bit of experience to master, the instructors will take time to demonstrate what you are making, and will guide you every step of the way to ensure a successful experience. 

For any process where the glass is heated, the objects will need to cool down overnight and will not be available to take home the same day. We will notify you when the work can be picked up.

Check out our Glossary of Terms to learn more about each technique; and read below to see what you can expect from each type of event: 

Glassblowing Demonstration: Experience a narrated, 1-hour glassblowing demonstration for up to 30 guests. Our team of teaching artists will share information about glassblowing techniques, history, equipment, and approaches, as well as insight into their artistic processes.

Hands-on Glassblowing (3 hours): You’ll be working together to shape molten glass in teams of 2-3 people, with one teacher per team. Each participant will make one small object, like a paperweight or ornament. 

Hands-on Beadmaking or Flameworking (2-3 hours): For both beadmaking and flameworking, you will learn how to melt rods of glass in the flame of a table-mounted torch. Both techniques are seated, and require a little practice at heat control to create successful beads or sculptures. After demonstrations, expect to make between 2-4 successful objects, and a couple of fun failures. 

Hands-on Neon (4-5 hours): Learn how to heat glass tubes in the flame of a standing torch, and bend them into simple shapes like squiggles or triangles (creating neon lettering will not be possible). The experience will include a demo of bombarding the neon tubes with gas, so you see the process of lighting up a sign. Depending on the group size, participants may need to return to pick up their finished work.

Hands-on Fusing (2 hours): Participants will work with room temperature glass in a variety of colors and textures - including sheets, thin rods and crushed granules - to create 1-3 small coasters or pendants. Work will be fused in the kiln following the lesson.

To learn more about our recommended activities for Team Building Events, check out our Team Building Experiences packet.

Group Events