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Up your technical game by grabbing one of the remaining slots in an UrbanGlass summer intensive

Whether you're working to develop more complex hot-sculpting or expanding your glass designs into lighting, there are unique educational opportunities at UrbanGlass to turn the Summer of 2023 into a game-changer for your studio practice. Learn from Blown Away contestants Jason MacDonald or Trenton Quiocho, whose skills earned them a spot on the international reality-show sensation. Or dive into glass-bead techniques in the Native American tradition with Lenise Omeasoo, or learn from glass-bead expert Sheila Checkoway without having to travel to her usual Massachusetts turf. The UrbanGlass hot shop, flat shop, and flame studio will be buzzing with activity this summer, so reserve your place to be a part of it before these classes are full!

Sculpting 101 with Trenton Quiocho

Learn the art of sculpting with hot glass in this 5 day intensive course! Trenton Quicho, who was a contestant on season 3 of Blown Away, will teach you how to sculpt basic and complex forms, and add color and texture to create a unique glass sculpture!

Lighting Design with Jan Mollet & Michiko Sakano

Learn how to design your very own lighting fixture with Michiko Sakano and Jan Mollet! Over the course of 5 days, you will learn how to draft a design thinking about shape, form and material. Then work with our incredible team of glass fabricators as they bring your vision to life! 

Seed Beads with Lenise Omeasoo

Lenise Omeasoo of Antelope Designs will teach a 3 day workshop on creating beaded applique with seed beads! Learn how to create a beaded accessory or small sculpture, while also learning the history of seed beads in indigenous culture. 

A Crash Course in American-Venetian Techniques with Jason MacDonald

Learn the art of 16th century Venetian glass with Jason MacDonald! In this class you will learn advanced methods for creating goblets with care to technical skills that will streamline this complex process. Learn good habits and technical skills that will propel your glassblowing skills to new heights!

Glass Can Talk with Mathieu Grodet
Learn the art of flameworked murrine! This class will explore techniques from Ancient Mesopotamia, Venice, and contemporary methods to create a unique murrine. Create your own designs, with a focus on making letters. This is an incredible way to build skills in the flame shop, and create beautiful, detailed works of art.

Beyond the Basics: Shards, Hollows, Metals, & More! with Sheila Checkoway

This class will explore advanced techniques in beadmaking! Take your skills to the next level by learning how to incorporate metals like silver wire, foils and silver, gold and copper leaf. Learn how to create hollow beads and other methods in this incredible 3 day workshop!

Queer Glass: An Intro to Graphic Stained Glass with Austin Frantz

Learn the art of "tiffany style" stained glass with a fun modern twist! Over the course of 5 days, you will learn how to cut, grind, and solder glass to create a stained glass work of art from patterns created by artist, Austin Frantz. Austin is an Atlanta based artist, whose work uses queer imagery in funny and unexpected ways. Learn the process of stained glass and leave this class with a beautiful work of art!


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