Tuesday May 6, 2014 | by Samuel Paul

DESIGN: Glass figures prominently in design fairs opening in New York City and London

Coming off a successful inaugural year, the second Collective Design Fair opens today and runs through May 11th, 2014, in Skylight at Moynihan, highlighting limited editions of design pieces and one-of-a-kind artworks in various media. Glass figures in many of the exhibitors displays, primarily in various approaches to lighting from the French Art Deco-style designs at Maison Gerard, to the sculptural glass lighting by Thaddeus Wolfe and Jeff Zimmerman at R and Company, to a mix of lighting and fine art glass works at Wexler Gallery, which blurs the boundaries between art and design.

A series of discussions entitled Collective Conversations will feature designers, educators, gallerists and cultural design pioneers will analyze various topics relating to design. The discussions will be held on Saturday May 10 and Sunday May 11, 2014 and will be led by designers, art directors, fashion and three-dimensional experts, and marketing directors.

Topics will include: Designing for the future, ancient mediums, fashion, manufacturing, decorating and jewelry design. Rapid protoyping and its impact on the design and art worlds is an aspect of two of the presentations. A special program will highlight the special shared relationship between gallerists and interior designers.


Opening tomorrow, May 9th, in London, Collect 2014 is set to host a diverse fair of contemporary art featuring work from galleries and artists from around the world to be displayed at the Saatchi Gallery. The 2014 fair, subtitled "The International Art Fair for Contermporary Objects," is presented by the Crafts Council and will feature three glass artist/desginers among their programming. Elinor Andersson is an artist who views glass as symbol of the many things that may occur in a lifetime. She works with imagery, peeling layers during the process to expose the deepest layer, using art to relate to the deep subconscious of the memory. This causes her object to become paper thin. Andersson will be discussing her latest work and the process of creating and refining her ultra thin art works.

Amanda Simmons creates kiln formed and cameo engraved glass vessels. Before working with glass, Simmons first begins her projects through other art mediums. She starts with printmaking and model making to work through the ideas of producing glass. She imagines her work as a 3D piece first before actually using glass. Simmons interprets some of life's challenges into her art. She will be discussing the thinking and material resonances that goes into her work with glass.

Juli Bolaños-Durman is a new designer maker from Costa Rica who creates different blends of colors and shapes using glass. Bolaños-Durman creates new glass, alters existing pieces of
manufactured glass, carving and engraving glass. She also uses everyday items, such as syrup bottles, to incorporate into her work. She will be discussing the three main processes of creating, altering
and engraving glass that defines her work.


May 9- 12, 2014
Saatchi Gallery
Duke Of York's HQ, King's Rd
London SW3 4RY, United Kingdom

Collective Design 2
Skylight at Moynihan Station
360 West 33rd Street, between 8th and 9th avenues
New York, NY 10001

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