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Phillip Rucker (middle) attended our Virtual Su-CASA program for seniors, The Many Facets of Glass, in summer 2021. After learning about the many creative possibilities of glass remotely, Phillip received a scholarship to attend an in-person glassblowing class with teaching artist Anna Riley.

Thursday October 21, 2021 | by UrbanGlass Staff

The Veteran Meets UrbanGlass By Phillip Rucker VA PRRC Outpatient

Now, I consider myself to be a reasonable man, most times. But the heat was like that of a molten steel factory just before pouring liquid steel into molds.…

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Thursday August 5, 2021 | by UrbanGlass Staff

Makeda Firmin & Susie Peck

Makeda, UrbanGlass Bloomberg intern, leads an interview with artist Suzanne Peck....Suzanne Peck is a visual artist, writer, curator and educator who lives and creates in Rochester, NY. She loves photography, digital video, literature, and finally, glass. …

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Saturday July 17, 2021 | by UrbanGlass Staff

Su-CASA 2021

​Over the past several years we’ve had the incredible opportunity to grow partnerships with Brooklyn area senior centers through Su-CASA, a city-funded community arts program. Su-CASA has allowed us to bring ongoing mosaic classes to senior adults across the borough, giving them the platform to master a new skill, create community with their classmates, and share their stories through glass art. …

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