Wednesday May 10, 2023 | by UrbanGlass Staff

Drawn to Glass by Rianna James

On February 22nd, UrbanGlass hosted the Drawn to Glass sketching event for NYC teens! During the event teens were able to take inspiration from the Multiple and One exhibition and create drawings based on the pieces in the show. The Multiple and One exhibition created by Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo explores the 2016 shooting at Club Exile. The shooting caused the death of many people from the Latina and LGBTQ+ community. This exhibition was therefore meant to be a way of remembrance for those who passed. It was also meant to recreate the feeling of community that existed at Club Exile through the use of mosaics. The exhibition uses mosaics well because it shows the energy and joy that was present at Club Exile and calls back to many sacred places the LGBTQ+ community treasure. The pieces featured mirror tiles with detailed designs that captivated anyone who saw them. The drawing session turned out fantastic! It was an effective way of introducing our new exhibition to local teens in the community. In addition to focusing on art, they were able to melt away their frustrations from everyday life during these couple of hours. We had a great time sketching and talking about the world of art as it piqued the teens' interest in art as a hobby and possibly a future career.  All in all Drawn to Glass teen sketching is a great environment for teens! We hosted another Drawn to Glass session on April 28th, this time for the exhibition Transparency and Opacity.