Window Installations/ Community Activation Project

Window Gallery Open Call     

An open call for emerging artists to present exhibitions, performances and other community-engagement programs in our ground-level Rockwell Street windows. 

Applications can include proposals for:

A)   Installations. An installation of artwork that is representative of work being made in New York’s contemporary glass community and in the glass community at large. The proposed works can be a combination of glass and mixed media.

B)   Performances. Performances using handmade glass, scheduled for the opening nights of exhibitions of AVAC and possibly additional times that include high foot-traffic hours for the Rockwell and Fulton corner. If this format is proposed, this must include a plan for artwork that is also installed permanently in the space while the artist is not present. Note: open flame is not allowed in this space. 

C)  Window Residencies. Artists may propose an activation project. This can include being present in the Window Gallery during certain hours to showcase their making process or other interactive opportunities for visitors to UrbanGlass. The artist must include in their proposal an explanation of what artwork will be installed permanently in the space while the artist is not present. 

Stay tuned for more information on how to apply.