Olympic Color Rods, Inc.


1050 W Nickerson St

Seattle, WA 98119

United States



At Olympic Color Rods, we pride ourselves on superior customer service, quality merchandise and low prices. We specialize in the largest inventory in North America of Reichenbach colors for all your glass blowing, casting, and lampworking needs. We also offer a wide range of handcrafted tools and glass working accessories including Blockhead, Jim Moore Tools and Spiral Arts. Other items we carry include heat protective clothing, Exact torches, precious metal leaf and foils, and dichroic glass. OCR also supplies Cristalica Studio Glass from regional locations across America.

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Wet Dog Glass, LLC


PO Box 4166

Greensboro, NC 27404


(910) 428-4111

We at Wet Dog Glass are committed to providing our clients with top-notch services and products that range from studio equipment design, fabrication and installation to consultation and technical support. We are experts in combustion, safety and control systems, so you can count on us to provide you with exactly what you need. We understand the need for efficiency and so we put forth great effort into bringing you products of the highest quality. Since 1996, we have helped glass and ceramic artists around the world to solve problems unique to each situation. When you call on Wet Dog Glass for assistance, we give you all we've got!

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Paul Wissmach Glass Co.


420 Stephen Street, PO Box 228

Paden City, WV 26159


(304) 337-2253

The Paul Wissmach Glass Company is family owned and operated, and has been making glass for artists architects, designers, studios, and hobbyists in Paden City, West Virginia, since 1904. We produce two lines: Art Glass and Kiln Glass. Art Glass is ideal for Stained Glass, Mosaic, and Architectural Glass Applications. Kiln Glass has a coefficient of expansion of 96 and is tested compatible. Kiln glass is ideal for fusing and melting. We offer a wide range of colors and styles of sheet, frit, and cullet for fusing, blowing, and casting. Our glass comes in a wide range of colors, textures, levels of transparency, and luminescent surface treatments. We offer the broadest selection of art glass in the world. In addition to our current selections, we frequently work with artists and designers to develop and introduce new colors and types of glass to meet the demands of today’s tastes.

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Studio Glass Batch-GLASMA


5200 Delmar Boulevard

Saint Louis, MO 63108


(314) 367-8131

Studio Glass Batch is the North American Supplier of GLASMA batch shipping out of Rochester, NY, Saint Louis, MO and Portland, OR. Glasma is a premium batch produced in Emmaboda, Sweden, made available at an affordable price. Current pricing is always available at  All orders are prepaid to ship. Freight is billed separately with zero markup, upon your receipt of batch.  Glasma has perfected the pelletizing process resulting in extremely consistent, dependable results with minimal dusting.  Customers are located worldwide and produce some of the most brilliant crystal ware and studio art glass.

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