Neon & Phenomenology

June 22nd - June 26th
Kacie Lees |

Directed towards some of the more rare and spectacular concepts, materials, and tools enmeshed in the process of making neon, this workshop gets inside the medium of neon through all of the backdoors, slides, and portals available. In this 5-day workshop, students will learn the basic bends that make up any neon work, as well as safety and methods of display, exploring glass, gas, electricity, and light. Drawing parallels to observation and analyzing the content of light, students will make exploratory work reconciling the history of the medium and the expansive capacity of consciousness. Introductions to selected texts regarding Phenomenology (the study of structures of experience and consciousness) will enhance and broaden these explorations. Open to all skill levels. 

Class Schedule
  • Intensive | 5 Sessions: June 22 — June 26
    Monday, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Kacie Lees

Kacie Lees is a video artist, curator and professor based out of New York. Lees’ vivid works underscore time and examine transitional spaces by synthesizing sustainable studio practices, performance, color therapy, fibers, neon, Hi8 video & sonic works into rhizomatic volumes.

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