Kinetic Conception: Making Glass Dolls and Marionettes

January 16th - January 26th
Kim Thomas |

Incorporating physical movement into figurative works amplifies the connection for the viewer and intensifies the personae we have brought into existence. By integrating moving parts with sculpture, students will test both their technical skills  and creativity in the flame studio.

The first part of this two week course will focus on character development. We will create personalities and backstories for our works, and a blueprint for our concept. Then begins the process of building a borosilicate glass doll or marionette, adopting techniques used in puppet making.We will experiment with joinery; specifically, hinge, pivot, and ball joints, whilst exercising our problem solving skills. Our imaginations will become satellites, drifting through the heavens amongst the celestial bodies! We will bask in the glory of executing supremely technical works! After assembling our puppets we will share our projects in a lighthearted and informal presentation. We will cheer gleefully and feast on confections as our classmates present their delightfully kinetic brainchildren! Emphasis on new ideas, intuition, and the use of mixed media will be encouraged as students strive for technical excellence. Group and individual demonstrations will be given. 

2 Week Intensive | 9 sessions 

January 16 - 26, 6:00 - 10:00pm

This class has access to Student Hours for the semester, dedicated hours open to student use. Glass processes take practice, so utilize this free time in our studios to learn! For details call (718) 625-3685.

Class Schedule
  • Two Week Intensive | 9 Sessions: January 16 — January 26
    Tuesday, 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217