Get WAYSTED! - The Making and Meaning of African Waist Beads

May 21st - June 4th
Jasmine Anokye |

Time to get WAYSTED! Discover the rich history and culture of waist beads in this two-session class, led by Ghanaian-American artist and designer, Jasmine Anokye. Beads have long been an integral part of African culture. Beads of various shapes and materials have been used within cultural practices to adorn the body and enhance artwork, and as a form of currency. Learn traditional bead stringing techniques and the rich history of African waist beads; from the cultural practice and purpose, to mindfulness and appropriation. This class will cover all aspects of the making and meaning of African waist beads. 

Each student will receive a kit with the tools and beads needed to make a unique strand of their own. All skill levels are welcome. Adorn your body in artistry - after all, you are a masterpiece! 

This is a virtual class taking place online via Zoom. A Zoom link will be emailed to you upon registration with further instructions for accessing the class.

Class Schedule
  • 2 Sessions: May 21 — June 4
    Friday, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Jasmine Anokye

Jasmine Anokye, a 2016 Bead Project Alum, is the founder of Waysted Studio - an artistic lifestyle brand passionately committed to self care and body autonomy. Her brand is a…

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