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Creating Pattern: From Sheet Glass to Murrini

August 20th - August 24th
Giles Bettison |

In this class, students will learn about creating patterns using Bullseye coloured sheet glass, a method Giles Bettison has adapted for the murrini process he uses to make his work. Demonstrations will include each step of Bettison’s process. From investigating ways to develop patterns through drawing, to cutting, stacking and fusing the sheet glass, heating and stretching the cane in the hot shop, cutting the cane into murrini tiles, and forming the murrini into vessels in the hot shop. Discussions on ways to develop ideas into patterns for murrini and how to plan out pieces will guide students in their designs. Different technical issues that arise depending on colour, size and other variables will also be discussed and resolved.

Giles Bettison
Intensive | 5 sessions 
August 20 - 24, 10:00 - 4:00pm

This class has access to Student Hours for the semester, dedicated hours open to student use. Glass processes take practice, so utilize this free time in our studios to learn! For details call (718) 625-3685.

Class Schedule
  • Intensive | 5 Sessions: August 20 — August 24
    Monday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Giles Bettison

Giles Bettison received a bachelor's degree from the Canberra School of Art in Australia. He has been the recipient of numerous prizes and awards for his intricate murrine vessels.

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