Assemblage - Stained Glass

August 20th - August 24th
Glenn Carter |

The craft of stained glass is several hundred years old. With this in mind it will be my intention to guide the students through a series of demonstrations and practical problem solving which support and extend the students potential to express themselves. This will enhance their understanding of the materials, methods and adaptation of this wonderful medium, its history and its potential to offer the student to expand into a contemporary approach to ‘assemblage’ through historical and personal narratives.

What to Expect:  Through a series of demonstrations, visual presentations and discussion, the class will develop the students' understanding in making a series of exciting glass painting/staining experiments which explore their growing confidence in the potential of image making on glass and through to a finished leaded panel.

Students should be able to make a single panel and also to retain a selection of sampling undertaken through the class for reference in the future. There will be considerable practice time.

Additional work time for intensive students: Students will also have access to additional hours in the flat shop, without instruction, on Wednesday - Saturday from 5-8pm.

Read more about how to prepare for class on our Registration Info page. 

Eligibility: Students require little to no experience, only confidence to handle and cut flat sheet glass. Open to ages 14 and up. 

Class Schedule
  • 5 Sessions: August 20 — August 24
    Tuesday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Glenn Carter

Glenn Carter is a freelance based glass maker based in Plymouth, England. His teaching experience includes roles as Glass Lecturer at Plymouth College of Art, Lincoln School of Art and roles at Urban Glass, Brooklyn, Pilchuck, Seattle, CMOG Corning and  Northlands Glass, Lybster, Scotland. 

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1 Yvonne Double Window  St Denys  Sleaford  Lincolnshire 2006