Alissa Eberle: Electric Caverns

January 17th, 12:00 am – 12:00 am

Opening Reception January 17 6-9 PM

Inspired by show caves, motel rooms, nostalgia and parallel universes, Electric Caverns is a neon installation that reflects on time dissonance, paranormal experiences, otherworldly roadside attractions, and the intersection between man made and natural worlds. Comprised of 7 separate hand made neon glass artworks, faux rocks, a looping sound piece, mirrored horticultural flooring and up-cycled seasonal decorations, this installation invites reflection on the eeriness of passing time, malfunction, and the meeting between the manufactured and natural landscape. The constructed space is designed to exist between dimensions, celebrating and augmenting the strangeness of the natural world.


About the artist-

Alissa Eberle is a visual artist, full time neon bender, and sign fabricator living and working  in Philadelphia PA. Originally from Lowell Massachusetts, Alissa studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts Tufts University graduating with a BFA in Studio Art. Her artistic practice took a transformative turn while living in New Orleans, earning an  opportunity to apprentice at Neometix Neon, where she first explored the mesmerizing craft of bending neon glass. Relocating to Philadelphia PA, Alissa continued on her path to becoming a neon bender apprenticing under Dom Urbani at Urban Neon, working out in the sign shop during the day doing metal work and practicing neon bending after hours at night. 

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