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AIDA: Association of Israel's Decorative Arts

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Brooklyn Gin

Brooklyn Magazine

Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Con Edison

Consulate General of Israel

Corning Incorporated Foundation

Cultured Magazine

Dana Foundation

Friends of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

Goldman-Sonnenfeldt Foundation Inc.

Gotham Organization

Greenwich Collection, LTD

Heller Gallery

Hyde & Watson Foundation

Jeffrey Beers International

Lily Auchincloss Foundation

Materials for the Arts

Metropolitan Contemporary Glass Group

Milton & Sally Avery Arts Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

New York City Council Member Laurie Cumbo

New York City Council Member Stephen Levin

New York City Department of Cultural Affairs

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Office of the Brooklyn Borough President

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Wolf Kahn & Emily Mason Foundation

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Simon Abrahms

Lindsey and Ian Adelman

Julie Allen

Hallee and Dave Altman

Lisa and Dudley Anderson

Karin and Henry Barkhorn

Connie and Jeffrey Beers

Eva and Joshua Benaim

Denise Bernardo and Eddie Muentes

Fleur Bresler

Simona and Jerome Chazen

Michele and Martin Cohen

Marie McKee and Robert H Cole Jr.

Lillian Cozzarelli

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Frank Douglas

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Rhoda and Stanley Epstein

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Florence Feinberg and Ben Geizhals

Pamela and Sheldon Ferber

Olivia and Harlan Fischer

Alice and George Frelinghuysen

Erica Tennenbaum and Alex Friedman

Ilene and Michael Gotts

Patricia Berretty and Nathan Greene

Jennifer and Bud Gruenberg

Elizabeth Sanders-Gurland and Hale Gurland

Caryl and Jeff Hahn

Micol Ostow and Noah Harlan

Fleur and Leonard Harlan

Rachel Fishman and Jamie Harris

Linda Hartley

Katya and Douglas Heller

Michael Heller and Mark Godler

Rebecca Hoblin

Alexandra Horowitz

Laura Howat

Jane and Norman Jacobs

Suzanne Jaffe

Stefie Kan

Sharon Karmazin and Dave Greene

Morley Klausner

Dan Kusnetz and MJ McGrath

Joan Lewis

Sheryl and Edward Linenschmidt

Dena and Ralph Lowenbach

Cynthia and Jeffrey Manocherian

Bernice Manocherian

Nancy and Alan Manocherian

Zaza and Donald Manocherian

Barbara Manocherian

Jean Warshaw and Robert Michel

Joseph Mizzi

Olivia Moss and David Wellspring

Janet Mulligan and Daniel Bello

Elizabeth and Carl H. Pforzheimer III

Mary and Gary Pforzheimer

Rona and David Picket

Marjorie and Lawrence Pitterman

Charles Provenzano

Miriam Katowitz and Arthur Radin

Suzanne Perrault and David Rago

Arden Rodgers

Beth Rudin DeWoody and Firooz Zahedi

Barbara Berliner and Sol Rymer

Michiko Sakano

Susan and Fredric Sanders

Idee Schoenheimer

Debbie and Richard Schulman

Carla Shen and Christopher Schott

Susie Silbert and Jeff Toohig

Arlene and Norman Silvers

Julie and Benjamin Solomon

Olivia Song

Katja Goldman and Michael Sonnenfeldt

Brette Popper and Paul Spraos

Diane and Joseph Steinberg

Douglas Steiner

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Anita and Thomas Volpe

Nettie and Melvyn Weiner

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Richard Yancey

Richard Yelle

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Carol Yorke and Gerard Conn

Judith and Henry Zachs

Hollister Society

Barbara Berliner and Sol Rymer

Jane Bruce

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Jeep Johnson

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Thomas Volpe

William Warmus

Carol Yorke and Gerard Conn