Tuesday July 14, 2009 | by mariannemychaskiw

On Other Blogs: Jeff Benroth’s glass logs light up the L.A. Times

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Los Angeles Times Blog, L.A. at HomeAn image of a recent blog posting at the Los Angeles Times' "L.A. at Home"

The L.A. Times blog “L.A. at Home” showcases Jeff Benroth’s decorative glass castings of logs for use in indoor fireplaces. Although they cannot be exposed to heat, the glass logs create an attractive visual effect when a flickering candle is placed among the stack, though an LED candle is recommended. Benroth’s glass logs are available for purchase through his studio, for a starting price of $350 for a single log, and $1,000.00 for a set of three. Read more at the L.A. Times blog here.

Glass: The UrbanGlass Quarterly, a glossy art magazine published four times a year by UrbanGlass has provided a critical context to the most important artwork being done in the medium of glass for more than 40 years.