Tuesday August 15, 2017 | by Lindsay Hargrave

HELP WANTED: Glass Art Society hiring for newly created position of operations and program manager

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The Glass Art Society is looking for a new operations and program manager, a newly created position. This individual would report to the artist-organization's Seattle-based executive director, Pamela Koss, and assist her in all matters concerning the day-to-day operation of GAS. Additional responsibilities include managing and serving as a primary staff contact for work exchange and volunteer programs, ensuring office security and organization, and serving as a staff representative to certain board committees and preparing their reports, among other duties.

The ideal candidate would hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, and would bring experience in the arts, particularly in glass. They should also be flexible with regard to seasonal priorities, as additional responsibilities may arise around conference season, such as answering phones, helping with registration, and assisting inquiries regarding the website. Additionally, management, interpersonal, organizational and communication skills are a must.

Natali Rodrigues, the president of GAS’s board of directors, said in an email exchange that this position was created during a regular strategic planning meeting, which occurs every 3 to 5 years in order to best organize the society’s goals and plans for reaching them. Four other positions, including a development and membership specialist, were also developed during this meeting. Rodrigues said that the next set of positions will be advestised once these two are hired, possibly by the end of September. She hopes to have all five positions filled by mid-October.

“Our hope is to build an operational plan which will support our strategic goals,” Rodrigues said. “Step one was to look at the office, how it functions, if our staff are receiving the help they need to do the job they are asked to do. This has led to a reorganization of the office's organizational chart and job descriptions.” 

Interested applicants may submit a cover letter and resume to this Craigslist advertisement.

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