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UGH! Plasma Primer

August 4th, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Percy Echols II |

Join Artist, Alchemist, and Educator Percy Echols II for a session on plasma, a process requiring the technical and artistic expressions of glass with the alchemical and scientific application of electrified gases and specialized equipment used in neon. 

This session will be streamed from the Pittsburgh Glass Center where Percy will lead us step-by-step on  pumping, filling, and lighting  a glass vessel for Plasma. From his podcast, Taming Lightning, and the collaborative video series with GEEX, Intro to Plasma, we’ll touch on a variety of interconnected topics: from the Elements of Plasma venn diagram, to Structural Guidelines for Vessel Crafting, Examples of Aesthetic considerations on the influence of vessel geometry (internal shape of the vessel ) and optical influences of surface attributes(color of glass, translucency, and use of phosphors). If you’re interested in trying to make work for plasma, this session will give you a hint of what is involved in this unique light and glass medium in which collaboration with facilities and artists are likely to be part of this process.

Check out Chapter 2: Taking Shape and Chapter 3: It’s Lit: Chemistry of Collaboration from the Intro to Plasma series, as we would love to hear of any questions you have that Percy can address!

Link to Intro to Plasma playlist: (

Class Schedule
  • August 4th, 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Percy Echols II

Percy Echols II began working in glass in 2011 where he took his first Glassblowing Class at Illinois State University. In 2014 he took his first Plasma Light workshop at…

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