The Glass Archaeologist

March 4th - April 8th
Joshua Raiffe |

Whether it is functional, symbolic or decorative, the objects and artifacts of an era can give us remarkable insight into the minds and lifestyles of the people who crafted them. In this class, students will learn to sculpt hot glass into historic artifacts by employing solid sculpting techniques, glassblowing, and cold shop assemblage. Students will research and draw inspiration from ancient, medieval or renaissance items, and attempt to recreate them in a state of the art glass studio with all the luxuries of twenty first century technology. The result will be an ethereal ghost of the original, which has been lost to time and the progress of technology and culture. The Metropolitan Museum has an amazing database of ancient objects we can draw inspiration from. This class will appeal to both the lover of history and the designer in all of us. Beginning glassblowing experience preferred.

6 sessions:  March 4 - April 8 

Sundays, 3 pm - 6 pm

This class has access to Student Hours for the semester, dedicated hours open to student use. Glass processes take practice, so utilize this free time in our studios to learn! For details call (718) 625-3685.

Class Schedule
  • Weekly Class | 6 Sessions: March 4 — April 8
    Sunday, 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Joshua Raiffe

While pursuing a BFA at Tyler School of Art Joshua Raiffe worked for Belle Mead Hot Glass, producing blown chandelier parts.  

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