Packing and Shipping Glass

February 10th - February 24th
Emily Morrison, Stephanie Sara Lifshutz |

In this course, glass packing extraordinaires Emily Morrison and Stephanie Lifshutz will break down all of the ins-and-outs of successfully packing your glass work for shipping and moving. Through the use of creative problem solving and lots of foam, learn how to confidently and professionally pack your artwork so that it may safely venture out into the world. Make use of household items, learn box building, and discuss packing etiquette when shipping to galleries or clients. 

Since each type of glass can require a different packing approach, Emily and Stephanie will be offering this workshop in two-parts, so sign up for both to get all of the information, or just choose the session that best suits your specific packing questions. 

Session 1, on February 10th, will cover delicate items and how to foam cut. Think packing neon, pate de verre, thin objects, or unusual shapes. Session 2, on February 24th, will cover blown and solid forms that are bulkier and heavier. 

This workshop will be held entirely over Zoom, and class times are listed in Eastern Standard Time. To register for a free zoom account, visit

Class Schedule
  • 2 Sessions: February 10 — February 24
    Wednesday, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Emily Morrison

Emily is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist. Through a playful exploration of materiality and a sense of humor, she pursues the vulnerabilities and intimacies that startle and enrich our humanness. Emily…

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Stephanie Sara Lifshutz

Stephanie Sara Lifshutz is an artist residing in Brooklyn, NY. She first began working with glass and neon while attending the University of Wisconsin, Madison as a graduate student. 

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