Intro to Powder Drawing

October 30th - November 20th
Suzanne Head |

Drawing with glass powder is unique: a process seemingly caught between a renaissance church window and a Tibetan sand mandala. Powder drawing is a technique all to itself. It allows for incredibly detailed realism, or gestural expression. It fuses into the glass surface beneath, remains stable at high temperatures, and can even be manipulated in the hot shop. Drawing from a background in craft, illustration, and oil painting, Suzanne will demonstrate how to “draw” with glass powders, first in black and white, and then with color. Students have the option to pursue a basic project, such as a set of coasters or a pendant necklace, and will practice the technique on small sheets of clear and white glass. Patience, curiosity, joy and humor are at the root of this course. Students can pursue imagery in any style: from realism to cartoons to abstract mark making. A background in drawing or painting is not necessary; and students have the option to trace and cut stencils to aid with their design. Kiln schedules and firing strategies will also be discussed. Students that have previously taken this course are encouraged to enroll, and will be able to explore more complex techniques along the way. 

Class Schedule
  • 4 Sessions: October 30 — November 20
    Sunday, 11:00 am - 3:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Suzanne Head

Suzanne Head received her BFA in drawing from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2016. With a multi-faceted approach to visual story telling, Suzanne has created work in pencil, paint, clay and glass, in addition to pursuing public art as a muralist.

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