Bead Making: Mastering Sculptural Detail

April 12th - May 3rd
Roxann Slate |

This workshop is for anyone new to flameworking or those looking to refine their skills. Students will learn how to melt colorful rods of glass and form unique beads. The workshop will begin with basic round forms and dot layering; then move onto more complex shapes and patterns required to make various animals, skulls and robots.  Students will be encouraged to do thoughtful looking and thinking to practice the skills required to engineer their own patterns and shapes. The aim is to make ambitious beads that are both visually interesting and well crafted.  Students will learn the full skill set required to come back to the studio and work independently.

Roxann Slate
Weekly | 4 sessions: April 12 - May 3
Thursdays, 6pm - 9pm

This class has access to Student Hours for the semester, dedicated hours open to student use. Glass processes take practice, so utilize this free time in our studios to learn! For details call (718) 625-3685.

Class Schedule
  • Weekly Class | 4 Sessions: April 12 — May 3
    Thursday, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Roxann Slate

Roxann grew up in a family of glass artists and has been flameworking since she was 10 years old. Roxann has worked extensively at the Corning Museum of Glass with glass artists from around the world.

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