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Published on October 17, 2018 by Anna Talley for Modern Magazine - Link

Shari Mendelson at UrbanGlass

Winged Horse With Cosmetic Tubes 2015 Shari Mendelson Glasslike Urban Glass

At first glance, it’s surprisingly difficult to distinguish between what is ancient and what is modern in Shari Mendelson: Glasslike, curated by Elizabeth Essner, on view at UrbanGlass in downtown BrooklynInstalled in rows and dramatically lit with spotlights, Mendelson’s works take on the guise of antique votives, calling to mind the solemn grandeur of the works on display at the Metropolitan Museum’s Greek and Roman galleries. But closer inspection reveals that, despite their illusory appearance, the objects are made from salvaged plastic, with “sell-by” dates standing in for stamped accession numbers.

MODERN got a chance to speak with Essner about Glasslike, the place of Mendelson’s work in the history of design, and about future exhibitions at UrbanGlass.