Friday December 11, 2009 | by Andrew Page

On Other Blogs: Australia’s long-running Glass Percussion Project discovered

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Eugene Ughetti, a Melbourne, Australia-based percussionist and composer is one half of the "Glass Percussion Project."

Spotted by Daily Art Muse, Susan Lomuto’s blog celebration of “handcrafted excellence,” is a YouTube clip of the collaboration between an Australian glass artist and a percussionist which they have named the “Glass Percussion Project.”

According to the website of artist Elaine Miles and composer and percussionist Eugene Ughetti, the project “merges glass installation with live performance and sound installation in exploration of a common language. The experience is a meditative interplay between sight, sound, light and movement.”


The “Glass Percussion Project” was actually performed live in New York City back in 2007 in an event presented by PS1 at Roulette, an experimental music performance space in the SoHo neighborhood.

Their most recent performances were at the National Museum of Singapore in September 2009. A shaky hand-held video shot by an audience member has also been posted on YouTube:


Meanwhile, another sound project involving glass, Andy Paiko and Ethan Rose’s “Transference” project, which uses the vibrations of glass bowls to make music, continues through January 9, 2010 at Portland’s Museum of Contemporary Craft.

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