Mosaics: Imagined Histories

July 18th - July 22nd
Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo |

In this class, stained glass mosaics are a vehicle for proposing imagined architectures from a past, present or future place that express participants’ identities. Students will create mosaic fragments, like those seen in museums or archives, that explore history as a contested field that both describes and echoes race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender, religion, and  other aspects of who we are. This course covers glass cutting and mosaic techniques while developing individual artworks. We begin by looking at the history of mosaic architectures through class discussion as well as field trips to New York City museums and the subway MTA mosaics - where we consider contemporary approaches. In class, students will illustrate architectural renderings of an imagined architecture of their creation. We will then create remnants of mosaics from these places as if an archaeologist has dug them up and uncovered a lost history. The course will focus on using stained glass mosaics on cement board, while there will also be an introduction to smalti and other mosaic materials.

What to Expect: Class time will be split between presentation, demonstration, discussion, concept development, a field trip, practice time, and critique

Student can expect to: 

  • Make between 1-3 small mosaic artworks on panels
  • Create a 2-D drawing/sketch/illustration of your imagined architecture
  • Learn architectural glass mosaic techniques
  • Explore historical and contemporary mosaics
  • Discuss critical multiculturalism and identity expression

Read more about how to prepare for class on our Registration Info page. 

Eligibility: No experience required. Open to ages 14 and up. 

Additional work time for intensive students: Students will also have access to additional hours in the studio, without instruction, on Wednesday - Saturday from 5-8pm.

This is an in-person class taking place on-site at UrbanGlass. Health and safety guidelines will be emailed to you upon registration.

Class Schedule
  • 5 Sessions: July 18 — July 22
    Tuesday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
UrbanGlass Studio
647 Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo

Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo participates in multi-directional cultural traditions and investigates silenced histories to propose conditions for cross-identification. Stained glass channels both a sacred and Cuban-American heritage in his work. Speculative spaces…

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