Tuesday October 20, 2020 | by UrbanGlass Staff

UrbanGlass Partners with Fort Greene Park Conservancy: Earth Day Celebration

Parks are the essence of any community; bringing together friends and neighbors and helping to sustain our vital green spaces. Just a few blocks from the UrbanGlass studios, Fort Greene Park is a beloved landmark of our downtown Brooklyn neighborhood.

When the Fort Greene Park Conservancy (FGPC) invited us to collaborate on a rescheduled Earth Day celebration in the park, we jumped at the chance! With the intersection of glass and botany in mind, we designed an art activity inspired by a traditional glassmaking technique called fusing, using plexiglass to mimic the magical properties of glass and keep the project park-friendly. Our Faux Fused Leaf Pendant kits contain everything you’d need to create your very own pressed nature pendant right there in the park, as well as a leaf identification key to guide your nature explorations. Young kids and adults alike enjoyed the activity, learning both about glass(ish) processes and the foliage in their local park. With generous support from the FGPC, we were delighted to give out fifty kits during the event!

If you missed the event on October 3rd, these kits are available for purchase in our UrbanGlass|ware store along with two other activities: Faux Stained Glass Postcards and Paper Mosaic Magnets.

The Earth Day celebration coincided with one of Fort Greene Park's recurring volunteer days. Check out their website for opportunities to help keep the park beautiful!

UrbanGlass is committed to fostering community partnerships with organizations that share our passion for educating and inspiring young people. Please contact our Youth & Outreach Coordinator at to learn more.