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Thursday July 9, 2020 | by UrbanGlass Staff


When the stay-at-home orders were put in place across New York City and UrbanGlass made the decision to close our doors to the public, our team began immediately racking our brains for programming and information that we could share with the UrbanGlass community. Inspired partly by our Professional Development Series, and partly by the many excellent virtual activities we saw on our feeds, our staff quickly started brainstorming skills or workshops that could be created at home. Within a few short weeks, we had a growing list of topics and activities. 

From the factual to the frivolous, UrbanGlass@Home tackles some of our most pressing quarantine questions, such as how to use the internet & Instagram to help boost your creative practice, understanding grant applications, or even how to get your glass fix from home using hard candy and an oven! While we are slowly getting back into the building here at UrbanGlass, we hope these episodes will continue to provide a small escape into the studio, or resources that help move us through this moment. 

Find the episode that most piques your interest - no episode is longer than a half hour! UrbanGlass Youtube Channel >>