Thursday December 10, 2020 | by UrbanGlass Staff

A note from our Registrar, who was recently featured on WNYC’s #ShopListener segment:

A note from our Registrar, who was recently featured on WNYC’s #ShopListener segment:

“Working from home for the past nine months has had several unique challenges, especially the lack of daily in-person interaction with the people we work with. One of my favorite parts of working at UrbanGlass is the unique community of people I am surrounded by. Although I work in the office, I am constantly steeped in the energy of the studio. Until being removed from it, I hadn’t realized how attuned to it I was. Is the classroom full of people eating lunch? It’s between 1-3 PM. Is there a large group of middle schoolers coursing through the lobby? It’s 4 PM on Wednesday. Sitting alone at my kitchen table turned desk every day, I needed something to keep the flow of the day going. I also constantly seek up-to-the minute news covering everything happening in the world. My solution: WNYC.  It has now become a running joke amongst the staff that I am listening to WNYC all day, everyday. I know it’s 2 PM when I hear Terry Gross. I know it’s 5 PM when I hear Ari Shapiro. But even if I don’t listen to all of the shows, I always start the day with The Brian Lehrer Show. 

From the WNYC website, “Brian Lehrer leads the conversation about what matters most now in local and national politics, our own communities and our lives.” Brian Lehrer has kept me informed of so many things important to both New Yorkers and to Americans, has made me laugh, has made me cry, and has kept me company everyday. I was so glad that despite historical norms of airing a rerun, on Thanksgiving this year he conducted a live show and viewers called in with what they are thankful for. This inspired me to take a look at things in this crazy year that I am thankful for, one of which is UrbanGlass and the friends, community, and employment I am so, so grateful to have, especially this year.

#ShopListener is a segment intended to provide small businesses with the chance to spread the word about what they do, and encourage those shopping small for the holidays this year to come their way. According to the show’s page: “It's our way of helping our listening community support one another as we all try to figure out how to spend our holiday dollars. This year, that community support takes on new meaning, as businesses across our listening area are struggling to stay afloat in this pandemic-ravaged economy.” For those not familiar with The Brian Lehrer Show, it is rather popular and calling in isn’t always a guarantee. It became a bit of a personal goal for me to talk about UrbanGlass during this segment. On my 47th call I finally got through to a screener who assured me she would try to get me on the air. AND, because good things are still happening this year, I got through to hear “Let’s turn to Kellie in Brooklyn, hi Kellie!” I kept my cool and proudly outlined what UrbanGlass provides, while my lovely dog barked away in the background. Sticking true to his kind form, Brain Lehrer himself, the nurturing voice of my mornings, spoke to my sweet girl Petunia, telling her she was a good girl but to let me talk on the phone. 

Thank you for highlighting small businesses and arts organizations who are struggling right now, and thank you for taking my call. 

When it’s safe to do so, Mr. Lehrer, I would love to give you and your team a tour of our amazing studio and share the magic of glass and this community with you!


Listen to the segment below (tune into minute 17:18 to hear Kellie and Petunia):