Published on April 30, 2024 by Sini-Ida Heiskanen for The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York - Link

Helmi Remes on sensitivity, beauty and glass

Photos: Sini-Ida Heiskanen

Helmi Remes, a Finnish artist and designer based in Karkkila, Finland, creates unique pieces rooted in appreciation for beauty and sensitivity. During her two-month residency at FCINY for March and April, Helmi has immersed herself in New York's vibrant art scene, exploring new approaches to her craft. Recently, we had the privilege of visiting UrbanGlass, a Brooklyn-based studio and our partner for the residency, where we witnessed Helmi assisting ADAM HOLTZINGER from Keep-Brooklyn in creating a unique art piece in the hotshop. We wanted to learn more about her inspirations, New York experiences, and artistic journey.