Published on May 19, 2020 by Jennifer Hahn for Dezeen - Link

Denim chair and palm-frond light are among 11 more designs from Offsite Online: Selects showcase

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Exhibitor: Upstate
Project title: Traipse Pitcher

The Traipse pitcher was designed by Kalen Kaminski of New York brand Upstate and produced by Grace Whiteside in her Urban Glass studio.

Starting on a paper canvas, Kaminski painted emotive watercolours of the piece, which Whiteside translated into glass.

It is part of the Cuesta collection of handblown, sculptural pitchers. Their design pays homage to the colour field paintings of American artist Helen Frankenthaler, and her experimental technique of soaking and staining the canvas while pouring, dripping, and heavily sponging colour.

Instagram: @upstate___