Ron Johnson

Ever since Ron took his first glassblowing class at a weekend workshop, he fell in love with the craft and never looked back. Ron has taken numerous classes at Urban Glass and has also studied glass at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Tennessee.

Over the years, Ron has developed an approach to glassblowing in which he treats the process as a chess match. Just as in chess, always knowing what the next moves or steps you will take are vital to success. This is one of many reasons why glass is such a challenging medium – it takes both physical and mental energy to produce excellent results. Although glassblowing is anything but easy, it IS enjoyable and rewarding.

Throughout his glassblowing career,  Ron has primarily worked in the New York and New Jersey areas and has discovered the joys of teaching. One of his favorite things is seeing the excitement of students grow as they advance through the process of making their first blown vessel. Although Ron will always enjoy making his own work, there is nothing quite like sharing his knowledge with students and watching them successfully apply new skills.

Events with Ron Johnson