Robert C. Beck

Visiting Artist

Studio Residency: 2019

B. 1974, Winter Park, Florida

Building theory through experimentation with water, glass, soil, light, gas, plants, microorganisms, aquatic organisms and technology eclectically forms my research through visual art. Observation and interaction with visible and invisible biological systems inspire conversations about shared resources and how communities work together symbiotically. Exploring these physical relationships through drawing, painting, printmaking and photography aids in the conceptual development of sculptural systems, assists data collection from live applications, and documents works in progress.

Systems based installations, survival, biological awareness and new media research intertwine in the artwork of Robert C. Beck. The hybridization of material, process, science and technology yields a drunken distillation of data from biological experiments with living organic matter. This whirling non-static investigation of metabolism, respiration, replication and decay is the window through which Beck seeks to define his art.

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