Pamela Sabroso & Alison Siegel

Visiting Artist

Studio Residency: 2020

Pamela Sabroso and Alison Siegel’s ideas start as seeds that grow into forms through drawings and discussions, as well as through the physical action of making together, and sharing their natural and metaphysical explorations.

Siegel and Sabroso started collaborating in 2014, and found that working together allowed more freedom and risk-taking into their artistic practices. Both women are inspired by the natural world, and many of their ideas come from foraging trips to parks, beaches and grocery stores, and conversations about plants and sea life. They think of their collaborations much less as a straight line between idea and outcome, and more of a meandering path where the outcome isn’t necessarily known. Their work is a playful experiment, and they encourage each other to find ways to make successful pieces even if they’re not what was initially intended.

Pamela and Alison work across studios to create glass forms, sculptures and installations. Their multiple, labor intensive methods allow many opportunities to affect the outcome of the finished work from several angles and two distinct perspectives, giving the final work an effervescent, animated quality.

Shop work by Pamela Sabroso and Alison Siegel at UrbanGlass|ware.

3 Boob Tube 2018