Michael Haddy & Gosia Pawlowska

Visiting Artist

Visiting Artist: 2022

Michael Haddy & Gosia Pawlowska, are architectural designers and fabricators based in Brooklyn, NY. Their project "Experimental Mold Workshop" will utilize digital tools from the architecture and manufacturing industries, applying CNC and robotic fabrication to make blow molds for glass. The resulting hybrid forms will express both qualities of handcraft and automation, shaping glass with machined wood and steel.

Gosia and Michael have been working with glass since 2017 on collaborative and individual projects. Gosia studied architecture at Cornell University and the Bartlett School of Architecture. Her current research with Pratt Institute's Consortium for Research and Robotics explores robotic incremental metal forming to make steel molds for glass. Michael is currently the Director of Fabrication at Steven Holl Architects and runs His specialties are in architectural detailing and custom work in CNC and digital processes. He holds a BA in Architecture from Miami University and an M.Arch from University of Cincinnati.

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