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Matteo Seguso


Matteo Seguso was born in 1973 in Venice. Since then he has lived and worked in Murano, the island of glass. In 1999 he inherited from his father Bruno and his long-time partner Paolo Linzi, the Seguso & Linzi artisan workshop founded in 1954. 

"I approached this art as a game, I soon realize that the game is turning into true passion, so much so that in 2006 the 'Matteo Seguso Incisore d'arte su Vetro' was born.

The artistic engraving on glass with a wheel made by hand, using a fixed lathe with mandrels and interchangeable wheels, and 'what' that represents me, I always try to make sure that a glass object becomes a work of art. In 2007 I started a collaboration with Lino Tagliapietra, a Muranese artist famous all over the world, that allowed me to know another side of the cold working, the grinding and the "Battuto" technique.

Professional growth in engraving and "beat", has allowed me to collaborate with many important "Fornaci" of Murano, with internationally renowned artists and designers, creating design pieces. My works are present in many private collections in all parts of the world.

I'm always looking for new challenges because my point of view is that everyday you discover and learn something new.

Since 2013 I have held Engraving courses in the USA and in Australia."

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