Mathieu Grodet


Mathieu Grodet is a glass blower, flame worker, and illustrator born in Orleans, France. He currently lives and works out of his studio in Killaloe, Canada creating pieces that bring the past of glass together with themes of the present using traditional techniques with a modern twist. His work explores ideas around contradiction, power, duality, and the absurdity of life. He marries and reconstructs form, function, and design with a unique style to provoke discussion.  Mathieu also lectures and teaches glassblowing, flameworking, murrine, and enameling techniques and practices. His recent workshops, lectures, and classes have included cities in China, Japan, Turkey, France, Canada, and the United States. His work is in private collections  across Europe and North America and can be seen at the Corning Museum of Glass and the Art Institute of Chicago along with galleries in Canada.