Inna Babaeva

Visiting Artist

Visiting Artist: 2017

Inna Babaeva (b. 1961, Lvov, Ukraine) creates surreal sculptures that engage themes of mass production, uniformity, and function. Starting with pre-fabricated objects that are widely available for purchase and consumption, Babaeva adds vibrant colors and industrial materials. These alterations undermine the objects’ intended functions, producing alien, provocative characters that inhabit a world where mundane objects become unique, time can stop, space can be altered, and gravity is an illusion.
Babaeva lives and works in Long Island City, New York. She holds an MFA from Rutgers University. Her work has been recently exhibited at Anna Kustera Gallery, New York; Brian Morris Gallery; New York and Underdonk; New York. Babaeva is a recipient of the Sharpe- Walentas Foundation fellowship and she is a Rema Hort Mann Foundation 2014 Grant nominee.

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