Dean Erdmann

Visiting Artist

Visiting Artist: 2019

Dean Erdmann's work addresses the politics of place, class, and the body. Erdmann uses still and moving images from found and original footage, and often creates or uses archives as source material. They manipulate footage into new forms, rearranging, destabilizing, and building anew its form. Through the intensity of the visual experience, which may entail meditative, hypnotic, or hallucinatory experiences, the viewer becomes acutely aware of their perceptive capacities and how those link to their bodies, feelings, and knowledge.

Erdmann completed their MFA at UCSD (2008). They received a CCI Completion Grant (2012), CCF Emerging Artist Fellowship (2013), and Vera List Center Fellowship (2018-2020). Their work has been exhibited at ONE Archive (Los Angeles), 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art (Kanazawa, Japan), REDCAT (Los Angeles), Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), the Images Festival (Toronto), and the MexiCali Biennial (San Bernardino). Fabrication is nearly complete for the 400-foot LA Metro artwork commissioned for Crenshaw/LAX Line project opening in 2020.

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